Musicians’ Learner Identity

This is a postdoctoral research project funded by the Academy of Finland (2018-2021), and based at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki (Finland). The project is led by Dr. Guadalupe López-Íñiguez

What is this project all about?

World’s leading scholars in music psychology and music education acknowledge that the master-apprentice model of pedagogy underpinning instrumental studio teaching is outdated and ineffective. To change this, it is important to develop autonomous music learners who can constructively direct their learning and careers.

The Transforming Musicianship Project aims at renewing learning and performance practices among classical musicians and transform pedagogy in higher music education by highlighting the importante of learner identity—a type of identity that, despite being crucial to learning, has not got enough attention in music studies or in other educational fields.

For more information on what a MUSICIAN’S LEARNER IDENTITY is, please visit the blog.

What has the project figured out so far?

The project is currently ongoing, but you can access the project’s theoretical and practical contributions to date by clicking below (updated regularly).

Overall, this multidisciplinary project comprises an intra-individual, experimental and longitudinal study with 7 classical musicians including the leader of the research. The research involves questionnaires, reflexive diaries, interviews, concerts and rehearsals, naturalistic observations of behaviour, and a combination of metacognitive seminars, workshops and symposia with experts on a variety of topics—all supporting the development of a learner identity in musicians on the level of practice.

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