Media Coverage

Below you will find radio interviews, newspapers, blogs, podcasts, and the like that have featured this research project to date.

Campus Review News, Australia

My article on the need for music graduates to learn a living and keep a learning mindset, published in the journal of Music Education Research, prompted a Campus Review piece in Australia (14.1.2020). Click on the image to read the news.

De Banda a Banda Radio, Spain

A short interview on the project at a radio in Valencia (21.9.2019). Click on the image to listen to it (in Spanish, from minute 58:50:00 onwards).

Las Provincias Newspaper, Spain

A short report on the funding received to carry out the project (3.5.2018) in the main newspaper of Valencia. Click on the image to read the news (in Spanish).

Uniarts News, Finland

Press release of the funding received for the project at the University of the Arts Helsinki website (27.4.2019). Click on the image to read the news (in Finnish).

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